Insight Into My Fine Art Nude Photography

Many are under the impression that the intent behind a photographers nude work is to titillate the viewer or display insight into their personal prurient interests. This may be the case for some but as for my own nude photography this could not be farther from the truth.

I could simply state that the premise behind most of my photography is about bringing out the beauty in that which may not fit the stereotypical views of beauty. but that is far too simplistic and can be misconstrued as a shallow statement without further explanation.

My nude photography, whether it be a full body photograph or an abstraction of a specific section thereof, is a celebration of several things. First, it is a celebration of the timeless beauty and thematic variations of the human machine regardless of shape, size, size, age, or gender in its raw form with the absence of male/female gaze. In fact it is those thematic variations that make it the versatile artistic subject that it is.