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Limited edition prints are sold on a sliding scale and in reverse order from print #25 or 15, depending on edition size, down to #2. Print #1 is not for sale. Proceeds of prints of models are split 50-50 with each model.

Prices for editions of 15
#2-5 $2,000
#6-10 $1,500
#11-15 $1,000

Prices for editions of 25
#2-5 $3,500
#6-10 $3,000
#11-15 $2,500
#16-20 $2,000
#21-25 $1,500

Open edition prints are $100

Please bear with me as I update this page. My external hard drive has crashed. I am in the process of re-uploading a large amount of my photography from CDs.

If you see a photograph in my galleries but do not see it here, contact me directly at:

Limited Edition